shreya poster

~Shreya Gera

The main emphasis on the poster was starvation and lack of nutrients amongst the poor causing malnutrition.
The innocent hungry eyes of a poor child portrays the ultimate cry of an unfulfilled desire. These deprived kids are left on their own cravings, just good food that we all take for granted. Their wants are solely their needs, their desires are simply their basic requirements,their dreams carry the end of their hunger, quenching their thirst.
But in our deeply divided country with the ever widening rich-poor gap, the poor are left to die while the pocket full rich grab more than they would ever need just out of sheer greed and malevolence.The silhouette hands depict that even when poor reach out to grab opportunities, to grab just enough food to fill their stomach, it all gets snatched away from them and they are pushed to the darker hole of poverty, malnutrition,diseased life and they are barely to survive.



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